Training Overview

iBosses’ Entrepreneurship Training

Entrepreneurship courses offered in institutions and universities generally have a rigid curriculum and limited content. Also, they tend to be academic-driven, which deprive learners of the freedom to experiment and explore with entrepreneurism.

iBosses believes in a holistic approach towards entrepreneurship training. We equip our students with knowledge as well as technical and soft entrepreneurial skills. This is through personal mentoring, case studies and giving mentees a first-hand experience in starting up businesses. In this way, we hope to fill in the gaps in the syllabus of institutions and boost the prospects and achievements of young entrepreneurs.

iBosses’ Entrepreneurship Courses

Learning in this digital age has gone beyond the conventional classroom practices. At iBosses, users will be able to learn from our meticulously-tailored and advanced courses using the following methods:

  • Online lessons
  • Self-exploration & guided research
  • Videos through the iBosses Digital Platform
  • Social media

Such learning programmes allow users to explore multifarious ideas, interact and learn from each other. This also allows users to have information readily at their fingertips and eventually discover solutions to tackle issues they may face along their entrepreneurship journey.

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