Entrepreneurship Research

Dr Khor’s research focuses on Youth Entrepreneurship.

This has earned him multiple invitations to share his papers at important conferences internationally, such as the 4th Annual International Conference on Business Strategy and Organizational Behaviour (BizStrategy 2014), Innovation & Entrepreneurship, the 9th European Conferences in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Belfast, Ireland, the 11th Annual International Conference on SMEs, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Management – Marketing – Economic – Social Aspects, the 3rd Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy (GIKA).

Dr Khor obtained his PhD in Business & Management in the area of Entrepreneurship for Generation Y from the University of South Australia.

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A Phenomenological Study Of The Lived Experiences Of The Generation X And Y Entrepreneurs

With rapid technological advancements, the online digital era has greatly impacted the business world, bringing in a wave of challenges as well as opportunities as innovations were adopted into the mainstream (Tаpѕсоtt 2008).

These changes were most apparent in the generation that grew up with the technology (Ѕtrаuѕѕ & Hоwе 2006).

In Singapore, however, there has been little attempt to formally study the aspects of Generation Y entrepreneurship as opposed to research about Generation X entrepreneurship.