Referral Programme

Like the iBosses Part-Time Startup Programme? Get your family & friends to sign up too to get bonus credits for both of you!


Existing subscribers who refers new customers to register for any subscription plan will be entitled to a bonus of 20 credits per successful registration. The credits will be valid for the registration month only.


Terms and Conditions:

a) Subscriber who referred the iBosses Startup Programme to another new subscriber successfully, ie signed up and paid for a subscription, will be awarded 20 credits that will be added to their account the following month. They may use these credits for services offered by iBosses. Additional 20 credits will only be valid on the following month.

b) Referrals made by existing subscribers must be validated by iBosses. The full name and membership number of the existing subscriber must be included in the relevant section of the registration form that is submitted by the referee. The existing subscriber (referrer) will be entitled to the Referral Promotion after iBosses verifies the full name and membership number provided.