Prevailing Generation Types

Insights from ‘iBosses: The Rise of Gen Y Entrepreneurs – The Momentum Behind the New Age of Entrepreneurs’

Pendergast explained, “Generations move as a collective through society, passing through four phases of life, but always maintaining their unique generational characteristics”.



Incidentally, Howe and Strauss (2000) also provided a description of the four distinct types of generations: (a) idealist, (b) reactive, (c) heroic, and (d) artistic. According to the authors, these generation types follow a cycle, wherein cohorts go from one cycle to another during the cycle. These characteristics appear consistently throughout successive generations, based on this factor.

无独有偶,Howe和Strauss (2000年)也把世代分为四大类型,包括(a)理想型、(b)反应型、(c)英雄型和(d)文艺型。他们认为每个类型都有一个周期,同代人会从一个周期走到另一个周期,所以连续几代人都会出现这些特质。


Idealist Type

The idealist type exhibits the characteristics of a prophet because these individuals give importance to truth. As children, they received a relaxed type of parenting. As young adults, they can be described as a reflecting group. Meanwhile, the attitude of a mid-adult can be described as judgmental, whereas during their elderly years, they can be described as wise and visionary. The positive traits of people in this group are that they are principled and resolute, while their negative attributes are their tendency to be selfish, arrogant, and ruthless.





Reactive Type

The reactive generation type is depressed and nomadic in nature (Howe & Strauss, 2000). The underlying characteristic of this generation type is their need for persuasion. As children, they received an under-protected type of parenting. When they were young adults, they were competitive while their parents were usually overprotective. As mid-adults, their attitude is exhausted. Entering the elderly stage, members of this generation type are persuasive and pragmatic. The positive attributes of this type are savvy, practicality, and perceptiveness. The negative attributes of this generation type are amorality and pecuniary.



反应型个性悲观,拥有游牧民族的特质(Howe & Strauss,2000年),凡事需要讲道理。小时候父母的管教不算严格,至青年阶段出现竞争心态,但父母则变得过份保护。步入中年,他们感到身心俱疲,而老年则变得务实、能言善辩。这类人精明务实、观察力强,但唯利是图、不重视道德。

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