The iBosses Group

The iBosses Group is dedicated to inspiring and leading potential entrepreneurs in their pursuit of success through our individually-tailored training programmes.

With iBosses Corporation Limited based in Australia, iBosses has expanded to include multiple centres located in Singapore (iBosses Private Limited), Hong Kong (iBosses Hong Kong Limited) and Malaysia (YES Academy Licensee).

iBosses is an internationally recognized and ever-growing corporation that has been registered as a member of the Franchising and Licensing Association (Singapore) – FLA Singapore – iBosses.

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iBosses’ Services Overview

In our modern society, we see an exponential increase in young and adventurous people hopping onto the lucrative economic bandwagon of entrepreneurship, but have they stopped to consider what skills and knowledge are required before becoming a successful entrepreneur? Do they know how to move in the right direction?

Welcome to iBosses. We provide the following services to anyone who is keen on entrepreneurship:

  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Entrepreneurship Mentorship
  • Entrepreneurship Digital Platform

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