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Subscribers will receive 100 credits to be used for “Part-Time Startup Credit Services”

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  • US$199 per month or
  • US$568 for 3 months or
  • US$1,075 for 6 months

Subscribers will receive 250 credits to be used for “Part-Time Startup Credit Services”

Excess charge @ US$1 per credit

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(updated on 27 May 2015)

Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully. By accessing any iBosses content or services therein, you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions. If you do not accept any of these Terms & Conditions, please discontinue your access to any iBosses content or services therein. We may at any time revise these Terms & Conditions by updating this version. By using any content or services therein, you agree to be bound by any such revisions. Please therefore visit the iBosses Official Website periodically or sign up for the iBosses newsletter to be updated with any changes to these Terms & Conditions. The iBosses Privacy Statement applies to all iBosses programmes and services. For the full Privacy Statement, please visit the iBosses Official Website at

1. Part-Time Startup Programme

a) I hereby consent to the use by iBosses of my personal details provided by me, to contact and assist me in signing up for iBosses services.

b) Relevant documents must be produced upon the request of iBosses for validation before initiating subscription to the programme.

c) Plans, services and promotions are accurate at the time of printing and are subjected to changes.

d) Subscription to any plans, Lite or Deluxe, is subjected to a 1-month contract. In the event of any termination during the 1 month, there will be no refund. An early termination charge may apply.

e) No downgrading of service plan is allowed during the 1-month contractual period.

f) Sharing of iBosses resources with unsubscribed members is an infringement of iBosses privacy regulations and will result in immediate termination without compensation.

g) All subscription of plans and their services are non-exchangeable & non-refundable.

h) iBosses shall not be liable to the subscriber for any loss, liability, costs and/or damage whatsoever in respect of any matter howsoever arising in connection with the use of the programme and its services.

i) Subscribers must not use the service in violation of any laws or regulations applicable; or misuse the Service in any manner deemed inappropriate by iBosses; or to allow any use of the programme and its services to interfere with other subscribers’ access to and use of the programme and its services.

j) iBosses reserves the right at its absolute discretion to discontinue and/or suspend the programmes and its services whether in whole or in part without any liability whatsoever to the subscriber.

2. Pricing and Promotions

a) All charges displayed are non-inclusive of VAT/GST. Please refer to the VAT/GST rates in the respective countries.

b) All charges are accurate at the time of printing and are subjected to changes.

c) Customers who register during the launch at HKTDC Entrepreneur Day in Hong Kong (29-30 May 2015) and at iBosses “Part-time Startup” Seminar (Singapore) in Singapore (6 June 2015) will enjoy an additional 50 credits per month of subscription, depending on the plan and the number of months subscribed, up to a maximum of 3 months.

d) Advertised promotions are not applicable with event, institutional sign-ups or other promotions, unless otherwise stated.

e) New subscribers referred by the sales agent will enjoy an additional 50 credits per month of subscription, additional credits will only be given to the existing subscribed period. No additional credits will be given for renewal period. All unused credits will not be brought forward to the next subscription month.

f) Referrals made by the sales agent must be validated by iBosses. The respective referral code assigned to the sales agent must be included in the relevant section of the registration form.

3. Subscription, Renewal and Termination

a) Subscription to the Part-Time Startup programme will begin on the day of registration/renewal and valid for 1 month or 3 months according to the subscriber’s chosen subscription plan; i.e. end on the same day next month or 3 months later.

b) Subscribers will gain access to the Part-Time Startup programme from the first day of the following month after registration.

c) For the registration to start the following month, the cut-off date for the application is 3 working days before the last day of the month.

d) In the case where customers apply online less than 3 working days before the last day of the month, they can access the service after the end of the following month only.

e) Subscribers are to renew their existing plans or upgrade plans at least 5 working days before the end of their subscription, to avoid any disruption.

f) Subscribers who have signed up with their credit card or paypal account, will have their subscription plans renewed automatically every month, unless they informed iBosses in writing, at least 5 working days in advance before the end of the month. Once the subscription plan is terminated, subscriber’s data recorded in the programme will be erased permanently.

Subscriber will not be able to retrieve such data even on renewal or signing up for a new subscription plan subsequently.

g) Return subscribers that have previously terminated their plan will not be able to retrieve their data or resume their progress on the iBosses Mobile Learning Application. However, a new account with access to the iBosses Mobile Learning Application will be created for return subscribers.

4. Credit Services and Credits

a) The list of Credit Services is non-exhaustive. Subscribers can request for other relevant services not included in the recommended list, on a scope-and-agree basis. iBosses will assess the feasibility of it and offer the amount of credits and minimum hours required for the service. Subscribers can then accept or reject the offer.

b) Subscribers must provide a short description on what they expect to receive when they make a service request. iBosses will then provide the minimum hours and credits required to complete the task(s).

c) Subscribers must provide the required documents upon the request of iBosses for before or during the progress of a service.

d) iBosses does not warrant that the service will be provided uninterrupted, free from errors and/or that any identified defect will be corrected.

e) Credits will be reset to 100 for Lite plan subscribers and 250 for Deluxe plan subscribers for a new subscription or the renewal of an existing plan. Unused credits from the previous subscription will not be carried forward.

f) Credits are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-shareable. However, in the event that iBosses is unable to complete an on-going service due to inevitable circumstances, as deemed appropriate by iBosses, a full credit refund will be provided to the subscriber.

g) Any top-up credits needed may be purchased at US$1.00/credit and it will be billed in the following month.

h) Any (third-party) extra costs incurred during the progress of the services will be charged exactly to the subscriber through iBosses.

5. Referrals/Loyalty Credits

a) Subscriber who referred the iBosses Startup Programme to another new subscriber successfully, ie signed up and paid for a subscription, will be awarded 20 credits that will be added to their account the following month. They may use these credits for services offered by iBosses. Additional 20 credits will only be valid on the following month.

b) Referrals made by existing subscribers must be validated by iBosses. The full name and membership number of the existing subscriber must be included in the relevant section of the registration form that is submitted by the referee. The existing subscriber (referrer) will be entitled to the Referral Promotion after iBosses verifies the full name and membership number provided.

6. iBosses Mobile Learning Application

a) iBosses Mobile Learning Application charges will be waived permanently for all existing subscribers.

b) Discussions in the application are strictly restricted to the scope of the particular topic. Subscribers are not allowed to request and/or provide personal details, discuss irrelevant topics, or display any inappropriate behaviour as deemed so by iBosses. Subscribers doing so will receive a warning from iBosses and repeating offenders will have their subscription terminated without compensation.

iBosses reserves the right to make amendments to the terms and conditions without notice, in time to time to our sole discretion.


This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about the iBosses Part-Time Startup Programme, or if you need support, please contact us at


What is the Part-Time Startup Programme?


Part-Time Startup Programme is a credit-based monthly subscription plan. Subscriber is given full access to the iBosses mobile learning app; and the credits awarded can be used for startup services.

Who is the Part-Time Startup Programme for?


Anyone, whether you are a student, a job seeker, a working adult or a retiree, if you have a business idea and would like to work on it but do not want to spend too much resources on it, consider the Part-Time Startup Programme.

Why should I subscribe to the Part-Time Startup Programme?


If you have business ideas and would like to focus on developing them, let iBosses help you. We are a startup agency. We have a pool of professionals who can help you execute business tasks such as conducting research and surveys, mobile application development and sourcing for raw materials, etc. By subscribing to the Part-Time Startup Programme, you can engage iBosses to help you do the startup services at an inexpensive price, whilst you concentrate on doing what you are good at.

How does the Part Time Startup Programme benefit me if I want to start my own business?


At a promotional rate of US$99/month, the subscriber will receive 100 credits. You can use these credits to obtain Startup Services. For example, 50 credits will get you a 1-hour of one-to-one valuable coaching by an experienced iBosses entrepreneur; 20 credits of 1-hour of website creation work done by our in-house website technician.

In addition, the subscriber is not binded by a long term contract. It is based on a month-to-month subscription. If you pay by credit card or Chargify, your account is renewed automatically, so you are assured that the service is continual.

How do I sign up for the Part-time Startup Programme?


Register your application on our website at

When can I begin to use the service?


The service begins on the first day of the following month from the date of the subscription. For example, if the subscriber register for the programme on 6th June, he can use the service from 1st July onwards. Subscription is done on a calendar month basis and cannot be pro-rated.
Register at least 3 working days before the end of the month to begin your subscription at the start of the following month.

How does the credit system work?


There are 2 plans – Lite and Deluxe plans. A one-month Lite plan will award the subscriber with 100 credits and Deluxe plan with 250 credits. These credits can be used for startup services such as data entry, website creation, design work etc.

What if I do not have enough credits to complete a task?


To request for startup services for a task, subscriber will fill up an online Service Request Form. iBosses will evaluate and conduct a scope. You will have to agree on the hours taken to complete the task. Upon agreement, you can decide to get iBosses to carry out the task immediately. If you do not have enough credits, you may decide to carry out the task the following month. However, you may also purchase additional credits at US$1 per credit and complete the task within the month.

How much credits do I need for startup services?

Please refer to the website for a full range of startup services and the minimum number of hours required for each service/task. Each task is given a scope-and-agree evaluation by both subscriber and iBosses. Upon agreement, the task will then be carried out.

Jobs are quoted in blocks of per hour basis only. It cannot be pro-rated.

Are unused credits refundable or transferable?


Unused credits are non-refundable nor transferable. Both Lite and Deluxe plans are renewed month by month. Subscriber is not tied down to a long term contract. The subscriber is commited to the Part-Time Startup Programme on a one-month basis only. (Please refer to “How do I terminate my account?” below).

Can the credits in the iBosses Mobile Application be used for the startup services?


No, the credits in the iBosses Mobile Application can only be used to unlock courses within the application. Startup Credits and Mobile Application Credits are non-exchangeable and non-overlapping. The terms should also not be used interchangeably.

How do I ensure that iBosses doesn’t over-charge me?


Each task is given a scope-and-agree evaluation by both iBosses and subscriber. Upon agreement by both parties, then the task will be carried out, and the credits deducted.

If my task is complex, can iBosses still help me?


If the task is complex and need specialist help, iBosses will assist subscribers seek for third party service provider to perform the required services. The task will be evaluated on a scope-and-agreed basis by both subscriber and iBosses. Subscribers will be charged cost-to-cost (i.e. no mark-up charges) for tasks completed by the third-party provider and credits to pay for iBosses project management efforts. All these will be mutually agreed on beforehand.

How do I terminate my account?


If iBosses does not meet your expectations, subscribers can terminate the month-to-month plan by sending an email at least 5 working days before the end of the month. Subscribers will not be charged the following month.

The iBosses Part-Time Startup Programme

The iBosses Part-Time Startup Programme allows anybody with the passion to start running their own business to do so with ease as never before.

Firstly, aspiring entrepreneurs can start their business at a greatly reduced cost, obliterating the myth that entrepreneurship requires a large amount of capital. Participants in this programme need not hire extra manpower or contract third-party personnel as they can outsource almost any business related work to iBosses staff and we will do the work for them. Also, we will introduce plenty of free or affordable platforms and tools that they can use to run their business, keeping starting and running costs as low as possible.

Secondly, as the name Part-Time Startup suggests, participants of the programme can learn and build their business at their own pace, meaning that they do not need to disrupt their present commitments while running their startup. Using mobile applications to keep in touch with us, learn on-the-go, keep track of their business progress and many more at the convenience of their fingertips, iBosses simplifies and mobilizes the entire process of entrepreneurship.

Thirdly, the Part-Time Startup Programme makes it possible and effortless for anyone without prior skills and knowledge in business, IT, or any other technical aspects to create their own business from scratch. iBosses will teach, provide aid whenever required and be there to guide participants every step of the way.

iBosses Part-Time Startup Launch Events

iBosses Part-Time Startup Programme Launch in Singapore (Concluded)

The iBosses Part-Time Startup Programme enjoyed another successful launch in Singapore on 6th June 2015, after its maiden launch in Hong Kong the week before. Mr Patrick Khor, the iBosses Group CEO, and Mr Kingsley Peh, the iBosses Singapore CEO, were at the launch to welcome all aspiring entrepreneurs who graced our event with their presence. Also, attendees received a speech from them, both successful and experienced entrepreneurs, about their journey into entrepreneurship and took in valuable advice on how to start a business.

Attendees gained a deeper understanding about how the Part-Time Startup Programme can help to empower their startups at an affordable price and adaptable pace. Many of them also enjoyed exclusive launch promotions when they signed up for the programme during the event itself. iBosses would like to thank all attendees for their warmest support and making the launch events a double success!

iBosses Part-Time Startup Programme Launch in Hong Kong (Concluded)

iBosses Part-Time Startup Launch in Hong Kong

The much anticipated iBosses Part-Time Startup Programme was officially launched in Hong Kong during the HKTDC Entrepreneur Day on 29 & 30 May 2015, paving the way for its subsequent launches in iBosses Centres around the globe. HKTDC Entrepreneur Day is an event organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) for all aspiring entrepreneurs or anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship in Hong Kong.

The programme was well-received by the members of the public in Hong Kong and has inspired many of them to start a business of their very own with the aid of iBosses. Mr Kingsley Peh, a renowned entrepreneur from Singapore, was also present at the event to share his experiences and how he can help entrepreneurs-to-be on their route to success.

Mr Kingsley Peh's presentation @HKTDC E-Day

kingsley pehKingsley Peh has been an entrepreneur for over 6 years, beginning his journey when he was still a student in Temasek Polytechnic. Accrediting his endeavours as a young entrepreneur, he co-founded (Singapore’s 1st and leading tryvertising platform) and (a social media agency). Both businesses were acquired by a Singapore public listed company, Singapore Post Limited (SingPost) in Oct 2013 for SGD$1.2million. SingPost is Singapore’s designated public postal licensee and a regional leader in e-Commerce logistics. Apart from that, Kingsley enjoys gracing entrepreneurship events as a guest speaker, panellist, moderator and a mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Here’s a short story on how he started his business.

samplestore kingsley peh elfaine tan
Worked with A Co-Founder – In 2006, Kingsley and his co-founder were enrolled into Temasek Polytechnic. During that time, Taiwanese fashion trends were the vogue in Singapore and Taiwanese products were highly sought after by many teenagers and young working adults. This lead to a great demand for goods from Taiwan. The co-founders capitalised on the opportunity and started a group-shipping agency to earn some pocket money for themselves. They would take orders online and consolidate all the orders under one shipment for delivery to Singapore. The customers were charged a nominal fee for their shipping service, much less than what the original shipping fees would have cost them.

Saving capital and transforming a business – A year later, they accumulated enough capital and transformed the group-shipping agency to an online fashion store. They imported clothing from abroad and experienced the full-fledged operations (from product sourcing to orders fulfilment) of an eCommerce business.

Managed Time Wisely In A Small Team – Being full-time students, they had to learn to work effectively as a small team and juggle well between school work and business.

Programming startup entrepreneurship skills success business investment strategy
Upgraded His Skills Through Internship – In 2009, Kingsley went to Shanghai for his Overseas Student Internship Program (OSIP). During the 6 months, he upgraded his programming skills by working with the company and learnt business skills such as cold-calling, drafting corporate presentations, adapting to work in a foreign culture and much more.

Learnt Programming Skills – Months after completing the OSIP, he graduated with a Diploma in Info Communications. While waiting for his enlistment into the Singapore army, he made full use of his programming skills and created (formerly known as and together with his co-founder.

Serving Part-Time In His Own Business – After he was enlisted into the army, he served as a “part-timer” for his business. He would work when he booked out from army camp over the weekend, while his co-founder ran the daily operations of

student entrepreneurs discussion

Recognised Issues Faced By Students With Business Ideas – While interacting with students in entrepreneurship events, Kingsley noticed that the challenges he encountered in running a business while studying are common challenges faced by many students.

These challenges are “heavy” obstacles that prevented the students from turning their good ideas and business plans into reality. Kingsley thought that this was a real pity and something had to be done.

iBosses Part Time Startup Entrepreneur Training Development Guide Start your own business

In April 2015, he went on a mission with iBosses to revolutionise entrepreneurship and developed the Part-Time Startup Programme which is devised to empower students to pursue their business ideas without disrupting their studies or national service commitments.

This Part-Time Startup programme is the first of its kind as it provides hands-on assistance to students and resolves problems such as lack of time and capital, inadequate IT skills, limited business knowledge and more, helping students to kickstart their own actual business.

The programme is designed to be very affordable for students who have minimal or no income at all and very flexible for them to build their business at their own pace and convenience.

Kingsley and his team will be having a free seminar to advise on how the Part-Time Startup Programme can help students in their entrepreneurship journey. Reservations for this seminar is on a first-registered-first-served basis.

kingsley corporateKingsley Peh has been an entrepreneur for over 6 years, beginning his journey when he was still a student in Temasek Polytechnic. Accrediting his endeavours as a young entrepreneur, he co-founded (Singapore’s 1st and leading tryvertising platform) and (a social media agency). Both businesses were acquired by a Singapore public listed company, Singapore Post Limited (SingPost) in Oct 2013 for SGD$1.2million. SingPost is Singapore’s designated public postal licensee and a regional leader in e-Commerce logistics. Apart from that, Kingsley enjoys gracing entrepreneurship events as a guest speaker, panellist, moderator and a mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Here’s a short story on his corporate working experience after his business was acquired by Singapore Post Limited (SingPost) in Oct 2013 for SGD$1.2million.

business discussion groupAn Entrepreneur In A Corporate Job– During the 1.5 years with SingPost, where he was working as the Director in business, the business grew and expanded. He lead the corporate team on the post-acquisition roadmaps and strategies for In the journey, he met a lot of curious colleague on his entrepreneurship experience who toyed with the idea of having their own entrepreneurial career. Kingsley who joined the company through an unconventional route soon discovered the 2 main concerns that were stopping working adults from starting their own business.

Boring job change jobs be an entrepreneurPassion Was Diminished By Work – Firstly, their respective corporate roles require significant amount of focus and time in the daytime. They are usually mentally drained after office hours to work on their innovative business ideas.

Passion Was Diminished By Fear – Secondly, most of his corporate colleagues are in their thirties and many of whom are building a young family. Due to the financial stress of that, they could not afford to stomach the risk of starting a business without a stable income even when they have strong passion and great ideas.

Financial freedom be an entrepreneur start business

Achieving Financial Freedom– In another occasion, when Kingsley was having a lunch appointment with a financial advisor, he learnt that the advisor had an awesome idea to run a low-cost fitness training group. The business idea was very interesting and triggered Kingsley to ask, “Considering the high risk and time required to start a business, why are you still thinking of this entrepreneurial path when you have a good monthly income?”. “I hope I can achieve financial freedom earlier.”, he replied and Kingsley followed, “What is stopping you from working on the idea as it does not need a lot of capital?”. The advisor took a sip and answered, “I am too involved in my work and have lost touch with business related matters, thus it will very challenging for me to kickstart this business.”

Lack Of IT & Business Skills – Kingsley realised that working adults were facing the same challenges that prevented them from working on their promising business ideas. He went on to seek feedback from a friend, who is an aspiring entrepreneur and a working executive. Not surprisingly, his friend could resonate well with those behaviours and added, “Aspiring entrepreneurs like myself have no IT capabilities, web coding wizardry or profit-driving sales glib, which gives an immediate roadblock to kickstart my business idea. It will be great for someone to help establish the entrepreneurial minds of individuals, not just lip service, but assist in executing on the visions.”.

Kingsley thought that this is a real market gap in entrepreneurship and is determined to make it easy for working executives to realised their business dreams.

iBosses Part Time Startup Entrepreneur Training Development Guide Start your own business

In April 2015, he went on a mission with iBosses to revolutionise entrepreneurship and developed the Part-Time Startup Program which is devised to empower working executives to pursue their business ideas without disrupting their work or family commitments.

The Startup program is first of its kind as it provides hands-on assistance to working executives on problems such as, time constraints to manage their business, lack of capital to start their business, difficulty in finding a tech-founder for their business idea, limited business knowledge and more, to kickstart their business.

It is also designed to be very affordable for working executives to aid them in achieving similar or greater success.

Kingsley and his team will be having a free seminar to advise on how Part-Time Startup Program can help working executives in their entrepreneurship journey. Reservation to this seminar is on a first-confirmed-first-served basis.

Patrick KhorDr Patrick Khor is an internationally acclaimed entrepreneur with 15 years of valuable experience and numerous ventures. Throughout his journey, he has amassed plenty of prestigious titles, from a PhD in Business & Management in the area of Entrepreneurship, Senior Lecturer (Entrepreneurship Development) in Temasek Polytechnic and the National University of Singapore to an international speaker, author, investor, serial entrepreneur and entrepreneur mentor.

Presently, Dr Khor is the founder and CEO of the iBosses Group. Using his extensive experience and knowledge in entrepreneurship, he established iBosses with the purpose of inspiring and empowering anyone that wishes to build their own business. Along his journey, he has made multiple hearty connections in diverse industries that has inspired him to discover and devise a method for anyone and everyone to begin their own business, the iBosses Part-Time Startup Programme.

Inspired by his personal experiences and those of his acquaintances, Patrick has identified three key problems that silver entrepreneurs face on their road to entrepreneurship success.

Elderly Seniors Retirees Pioneers Start a Business Retirement Plans Silver Entrepreneur OldtrepreneurKeeping Up With Technology – Retired veterans are filled with experience, wisdom and expertise in their respective industries. This provides them with acute insights and business ideas with great potential, however, most seniors are concerned that they are unable to keep up with rapid technological advances and will be easily out-rivaled by younger, tech-savvy competitors.

Based on his personal experience, Dr Khor has exchanged ideas with retired acquaintances just a few years ahead of himself, expressing that their lack of updated knowledge and belief that they are unable to pick up technological skills quickly has dampened their dreams of starting and running their own business.

He saw abounding potential and fulfilment in their business ideas and felt that it would be a great pity that they were to simply give up because of technological difficulties. He knew that this entrepreneurship programme that he was planning must have some form of practical aid and guidance in the more technical steps of starting and running a business.

Healthy Entrepreneur Retirement Start Business Easy

Health Implications – Patrick met a long-lost friend who enjoyed a very exciting career and wished to continue with a fulfilling career after retirement by starting his own small business. Unfortunately, age had caught up with him and he was diagnosed with a chronic heart condition. He was worried that he wouldn’t have the energy and endurance to carry out the entire process of beginning and maintaining a business by himself, and hence, gave up on his hopes of running his very own business. Patrick was very sorry upon hearing about his condition and was even more inspired to create a company that could lessen the load and help others like his friend overcome their obstacles and achieve their dreams.

Silver Entrepreneurship Mumtrepreneurship oldtrepreneurship laterpreneurshipLack of Experience And Knowledge In Entrepreneurship – On another occasion, Patrick had lunch with a friend who was doing well in her career in the finance sector. However she felt weary from working in the same sector for over 30 years and would like to try something new. Regrettably, it was difficult to find a job in a separate industry as she did not have the required qualifications and did not wish to spend extra effort in getting the relevant educational qualifications. Patrick urged her to start her own simple business instead of working for others as it would be much more fulfilling, exciting and would be a great legacy for her family. She was enthusiastic and came up with many interesting and feasible ideas, but gave up on the idea as she had no experience in entrepreneurism and was at a loss for how to go about starting her business.

At then, Patrick knew that he had to come up with a solution that would help resolve all these problems his friends and many others face on their starting line towards entrepreneurship success. With his expertise and extensive research, he created iBosses, the one-stop solution and best partner for every aspiring entrepreneur.

Real Trends & Examples of Silver Entrepreneurs

Case studies and research in Britain’s recent job market shows that almost 40% of citizens aged 65 and above are entrepreneurs and contribute greatly to the British economy. A quote from the Telegraph UK reinforces this idea.

“A review commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has previously found that the sharing economy could turn the UK into a nation of “microentrepreneurs”. PricewaterhouseCoopers calculated that the industry could be worth up to £9bn a year by 2025.”

On a more personal note, Dr Khor has rubbed elbows with many successful silver entrepreneurs and is particularly inspired by the story of Lesley Schillinger and Linda Simpson, two ladies above the age of 50 with simple yet ambitious ideas which took off and prospered ever since.

Jewellery startup: Ladies Who Lunch

Ladies Who Lunch Silver Entrepreneurship Retirement StartupWhen Lesley Schillinger settled in the UK after a marketing career in the Far East she decided to start a business supplying something she couldn’t find.

“We realised there was a gap in the market for individual, well-made jewellery at affordable prices,” says Lesley, 54, who works with her sister Mandy Browne and friend Gillian Diggle. “We had the expertise to know how to grow the business rather than get in debt to banks.

“We called it Ladies Who Lunch Jewellery because that was our market and sourced material from around the world, then launched a made-to-order line too, where customers could commission items for a particular occasion.”

Ladies Who Lunch is now thriving, with a full order book despite the recession, and is planning to expand.

“I think being older is an advantage because we have so much experience between us to draw on,” says Lesley, from Oxfordshire. “I don’t think there are any disadvantages. A lot of success now depends on social marketing such as Facebook, so we have learned how to do it. It’s not hard, it’s just marketing via another avenue. I enjoy it!”

Wine startup: Explore Wine

Explore Wine Startup Silver EntrepreneurshipAs a futures and options broker, Linda Simpson was used to taking risks. But she says her biggest gamble was when she decided to launch a business around her first love: wine.

“I worked for a trading company selling commodities on behalf of clients, which was very exciting but pressurised,” says Linda, 51. “I handled it well and I enjoyed my job, but I knew it was easy to burn out. So I left.

“I had an interest in wine so studied for a diploma and began making contacts. When we moved out of London to the country I set up my own business called Explore Wine, buying and selling wine for investment. I also progressed in wine education and began running a local wine club.”

While many companies struggle, business is booming for Linda and she is in constantly in demand.

“I think being older means you have more experience to call on when it comes to making decisions, and you know what you want. I love my business because it’s something I enjoy and I know I am making people happy. That’s worth more to me than any City bonus.”

Patrick knew that this trend of silver entrepreneurship, or also known as olderpreneurship, will be a very valuable element of not just the UK, but every other country. Hence, he embarked on this mission to revolutionize the job prospects of those above 50 and, together with this entrepreneurial team, meticulously designed and constructed the iBosses Part-Time Startup Programme.

Innovation business management entrepreneurship creative startup ideas

Kingsley Peh EntrepreneurKingsley Peh has been an entrepreneur for over 6 years, beginning his journey when he was still a student. Accrediting his endeavours as a young entrepreneur, he co-founded (Singapore’s 1st and leading tryvertising platform) and (a social media agency). Both businesses were acquired by a Singapore public listed company, Singapore Post Limited (SingPost) in Oct 2013 for SGD$1.2million. SingPost is Singapore’s designated public postal licensee and a regional leader in e-Commerce logistics. Apart from that, Kingsley enjoys gracing entrepreneurship events as a guest speaker, panellist, moderator and a mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Here’s a short story on his view of the challenges faced by active entrepreneurs and how his team can help.

Government Funding Boosted The Success Of – 2010 was a great turning point for Kingsley and his co-founder applied for the ACE Startup Funding(formerly known as YES! Startup Funding) program with SPRING Singapore, where they received S$50,000.00 funds from the government of Singapore. This accelerated the expansion of, where they set up the Singapore’s first sampling concept store. Members who paid a subscription were able to pick up their samples from the brick-and-mortar store in addition to selecting them online. The novel idea helped received awards and media exposure, where they were interviewed by various print and broadcast media.


Due to the strict management of public funds, the pitching process was very difficult and having advice from experienced entrepreneurs is always a big plus point.

Entrepreneurship government grants funding investment startup entrepreneur

Long & Complex Negotiation For Merger & Acquisition – The days they enjoyed the success of their hard work came in 2012. They were approached by SingPost for partnership opportunities which evolved to merger and acquisition. In October 2013, was acquired for S$1.2 million.

Patrick Khor Kingsley Peh Elfaine Tan Entrepreneurship MentorHaving An Experienced Business Mentor – Their business mentor, Dr Patrick Khor, who is a serial entrepreneur, played an important role in the deal by providing them guidance on the legal and financial negotiation.

Yipyy Singapore startup entrepreneurship kingsly peh jane fongGive Back To The Community By Starting To MentorParticipating in the various entrepreneurship event gave Kingsley a good opportunity to give back and allowed him to relay carrying the torch of support by mentoring other entrepreneurs. One of the mentees under his mentorship is Jane Fong.

Sharing His Business Know-Hows – Jane created an online shopping and reselling platform known as Yipyy, where users can sell their pre-loved clothing and accessories online, and used their online earnings to shop for other items they are interested in. However, she faced problems with acquiring new customers and setting up marketing campaigns. She would set up meetings with Kingsley to discuss about possible workarounds and strategies. Her business also received the ACE Startup funding.