Step-By-Step Guide to Begin Learning with the iBosses Mobile App

Step 1

Log in to the email that you have provided in the Part-Time Startup Registration Form.

Open the email below and verify your email account by entering your default password “PTSapplication”.

Proceed to reset your password when prompted.

Step 2

iBosses Mobile Application Learning EntrepreneurshipUsing your smart phone/tablet, go to the Play Store or AppStore and enter ‘iBosses’ into the search bar to find and download the iBosses application.

Step 3

Open the iBosses application and login using your email and new password.Login Page - iBosses Mobile App

Step 4

You can now access the iBosses Learning Materials from Level 1 to 5 and learn at your own pace. View your courses in the ‘My Dashboard’ Tab and use the ‘Library’ Tab to enroll into new courses. Complete the assignments for each lesson to unlock the subsequent lessons. Happy learning!