Group CEO

Patrick Khor

Dr Patrick Khor


  • The Innovator of the Year 2016
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Author
  • PhD in Entrepreneurship
  • Instructor @ National University of Singapore
  • Entrepreneurship Mentor
  • Entrepreneur in residence @ Temasek Polytechnic
  • International Speaker
  • Investor

Dr Khor is an internationally acclaimed entrepreneur with 15 years of valuable experience and numerous ventures. Dr Khor received ‘The Innovator of The Year 2016 in Business Services’ – Awarded by Singapore Business Review. He has created many companies from scratch, for instance, founded iBosses: Idea to IPO (ASX Mainboard) in 11 months. Today, iBosses is the fastest growing Entrepreneur Developer in Asia. Path Education Group which was developed into an international, fast-growing technology training and education network. With more than 200 staff and 15 centres located in 7 countries in the Asia Pacific region, the company was merged with a public listed company in the Singapore Stock Exchange mainboard in 2006 and acquired for S$15m.

Dr Khor is the author of the book titled ‘iBosses: The Rise of Gen Y Entrepreneurs – The Momentum Behind the New Age of Entrepreneurs’ which was launched on 18 October 2014. He obtained his PhD – Business & Management in the area of Entrepreneurship from the University of South Australia in 2013. Dr Khor was invited to be the keynote speaker for the CitiBank and NIE Conference 2013, which provided an opportunity for practitioners, researchers and educators to gain a deeper understanding of how to develop young entrepreneurs. He has also developed an e-entrepreneurship programme under the Ministry Of Education (MOE).

As the Manager/Senior Lecturer (Entrepreneurship Development) in Temasek Polytechnic for the past 5 years, he has been sharing his entrepreneurial experience with students and has trained more than 3270 participants in entrepreneurship, successfully mentoring more than 20 companies and start-ups. Some of the start-ups under his mentorship include The Sample Store, EK Media, Diamont Noir, Adler Hostel, LifeAtEvent, Emporter, iDreamin, Sorgen, MDEAS, Tinkerbox, VirtuLips, Waesome Productions, Opcon, Edifice, Style Search,, etc.

Two start-ups under Dr Khor’s mentorship have been successfully acquired by esteemed organizations. In 2013, EK Media was acquired by Singapore listed company Singapore Post Limited (SingPost) with S$1.2m. In the same year, SingPost gave the young founders: Kingsley Peh and Elfaine Tan, who were only at the age of 24, directorship positions in their acquired subsidiaries. In 2014, Edifice, which was started by Eddie Lee, was sold for S$2.7m.

Currently, Dr Khor is the founder and Group CEO of iBosses Pte. Ltd. in Singapore with subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. iBosses’ vision is to be the global leading provider of entrepreneurship training, development and investment. Its mission is to nurture, groom and grow successful entrepreneurs via the iBosses Global Digital Platform. iBosses plans to expand to include 2,000 centres and will cover major cities of diverse regions such as Johore Bahru (Malaysia), Jakarta (Indonesia), Hangzhou (China), Suzhou (China), Adelaide (Australia), Manila (Philippines), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Cologne (Germany) and San Francisco (USA).

iBosses employs the eight-level Entrepreneurship acceleration process: Passion, Ideation, Validation, Implementation, Commercialization, Replication, Fruition and Actualization, to mentor entrepreneurs. Dr Khor personally coaches Gen Y entrepreneurs, whose businesses presently focus on regional markets but have high potential and readiness to venture globally. iBosses’ e-system on Cloud is a digital platform that showcases start-ups from all over the world to investors, customers and other entrepreneurs. In this manner, start-ups will conveniently connect with potential members, co-founders, and crowd source. Investors will also be exposed to more information about promising start-ups and invest directly via the same platform.


Four business revenue models of iBosses are namely:

  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Entrepreneurship Mentoring
  • Entrepreneurship Digital Channel
  • Entrepreneurship Licensing

Dr Khor is the Chairman of YES Academy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where he holds leadership responsibility and pursues visions by giving strategic directions for every aspect of running the college. YES Academy provides a wide and diverse range of diploma programs that combine the substance of traditional academic preparation with modern, hands-on and practical teaching techniques.

Dr Khor also offers part-time coaching for Entrepreneurship Training in the National University of Singapore, where he trains at least 350 business faculty students a day.

Besides teaching in NUS, Dr Khor is also engaged as a mentor and judge in the recent Global Social Innovators Forum in November 2014 where he was invited to mentor 3 social entrepreneurs on a complimentary basis over a period of one year.

Since its recent establishment, iBosses has already conducted or participated in numerous events such as:

  • iBosses Book Launch – Oct 2014
  • iBosses Conference, Cambodia – Nov 2014
  • iBosses was invited by the Government of China to visit Hangzhou for plans to set up an iBosses centre in China – Nov 2014
  • iBosses Talks at Ngee Ann Kongsi and the University of Adelaide – Nov 2014
  • iBosses Entrepreneurship lectures @National University of Singapore – Oct/Nov 2014
  • iBosses was the keynote speaker @Global Entrepreneurship Week in Temasek Polytechnic – Nov 2014
  • iBosses was mentor/judge @Global Social Innovators Forum 2014 – Nov 2014
  • iBosses launches Entrepreneurship Development Program in Hong Kong – Dec 2014
  • iBosses visited the Technology Incubation Centre at Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks – Dec 2014
  • iBosses Conference in Malaysia – Dec 2014
  • iBosses Conference in Hong Kong – Dec 2014
  • iBosses Team invited to The Singapore-China Cultural Exchange Dinner at Shangrila Hotel – Jan 2015
  • iBosses Social Art 1st Mentoring Session @Social Innovation Park where iBosses mentors 3 social entrepreneurs who have hearing disabilities – Jan 2015
  • iBosses was invited by the Hong Kong Institute of Education to conduct an Entrepreneurship Seminar “Turn your Passion into Success” – March 23, 2015 (afternoon)
  • iBosses was invited to be the Keynote Opening Speaker for the Conference “Turn your Passion into Success – Insights and technical know-how in entrepreneurship” at the Entrepreneurship Week, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology – March 23, 2015 (evening)