Corporate Social Responsibility

Mentorship for Social Innovation Park (SIP)

iBosses was invited to be the mentor for 4 young participants in a social entrepreneurship programme organized by Social Innovation Park (SIP). SIP is an acclaimed and impartial non-profit organization based in Singapore which provides incubation for social entrepreneurs worldwide to bring positive innovations to lives and societies. (Source:

iBosses is currently mentoring the 4 social entrepreneurs and wishes to help them establish their social enterprise in Singapore to contribute back to the society. Within the following year, the 4 social entrepreneurs will grow and develop their business models under iBosses’s guidance.

‘Pledge of Love’ Film Production

iBosses also had the opportunity to work with Supernova Media and sponsored the creation of ‘Pledge of Love’, a production which showcases three extraordinary Singapore couples to celebrate the theme ‘Love’. This is not an ordinary programme which promotes romantic fantasies of love, but rather, it tells a heartwarming and inspirational story of how the couples supported each other during difficult times and overcame the obstacles in their way. The film reflects the positive spirit of endurance, conquering hardship and conveys the positive message of ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’.